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If your partnership proposal is accepted upon review, Iskra representative will contact you separately to guide you through the ensuing steps for partnership. Your proposal will be considered in view of multiple factors including the similarity with the business carried out internally by Iskra, the similarity with notified idea, the similarity to the rights held by Iskra or a third party, proposal already received from the third party, the business direction of Iskra and partnership terms or the like and may be rejected for the above reasons. Please only provide information that can be disclosed to us, considering abovementioned matters and we would appreciate it if you could understand that in case your proposal is rejected we do not bear any obligations, such as compensation or reply to the proposer. In the partnership business proposal, please exclude the trade secrets, confidential information of the proposer, and business ideas that needs to be protected. For proposals that require the sharing or distribution of intellectual property rights such as patents, designs, and copyrights, please take the necessary legal measures to protect your rights such as apply for patent before including it in your proposal submission. Any information included in the proposal as well as related documentation will only be used for the purpose of reviewing your proposal and if your partnership proposal has been rejected, your submission and all related data will be promptly destroyed. However, only the proposal registration number will be stored for one month so that the proposer can check the progress of the proposal, and will be destroyed immediately after the retention period. All information and materials provided by the proposer to Iskra, accordingly, will be considered to be disclosed at the proposer's voluntary will, and all intellectual property rights are deemed to have been relinquished by the proposer.