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The earlier and the longer you stake, the more staking rewards you’ll get.

Last Updated : 17-03-2023 04:53 UTC


APY (Annual Percentage Yield) is an indicator of the annual return rate through staking ISK.

ISK Rewards Paid

It refers to the cumulative total amount of rewards distributed from the ISK Staking Rewards Pool. ISK Staking Rewards are distributed every second.


(= 0 USD)

sISK Value

It refers to the exchange value of 1 sISK. The value of sISK will rise in real time with the rate gradually decreasing as the ISK rewards are also staked in the Staking pool with the compound interest rate. You may also see how the value of sISK increases over 24 hours.

1 sISK = 1 ISK
Total sISK Circulating

It is the sISK in circulation. This is the total amount of sISK minted excluding the burned sISK. sISK is minted at the time of staking and burned when unstaked.

0 sISK
Total ISK Staked

It indicates the total amount of ISK deposited in the staking pool. It fluctuates as users stake and unstake in real time.


Guide for Easy Staking

Get to know Iskra’s Staking service better by clicking our blogs below.

Governance Staking Rewards

By staking ISK, our users can enjoy the following benefits:

  • ISK Rewards

    Earn additional ISK as staking rewards according to the distribution plan in our tokenomics.

  • Contribution Points (CP)

    Get CP for every sISK that you hold, which can help boost your community ranking and the rewards you can earn under the Iskra Community Ranking System.

  • Governance Rights

    Be entitled to propose and vote on Iskra’s platform operation policies in the future based on the amount of sISK that you hold.

The longer and the more, the better!

  • You need to stake earlier, more and longer to receive more staking rewards.
  • How much ISK staking rewards you will get is determined by how many sISK you have compared to the total number of sISK.
  • To maximize your ISK staking rewards, having a large number sISK would be helpful and even if you stake the same number of ISK, staking as early as possible would lead to the maximum amount of sISK.
  • sISK is issued according to the exchange rate between ISK and sISK at the time of staking and this rate is structured to continuously decrease over time. Again, the earlier you stake your ISK, the more sISK you will receive!