Become a Pioneer and earn

We are looking for Pioneers who want to run an innovative gaming ecosystem with us. Is that YOU? Become a Pioneer and enjoy exclusive benefits and perks.

How to buy Pioneer NFT

Maximize Your Rewards

Noteactual ISK rewards calculations may vary depending on the total P-NFT sold, staked and owned, as well as the time of purchase and staking.

  • Pioneers P-NFT holders who purchased a month ago earned a total of 0 ISK during the month.

  • Added estimated rewards of about 0 ISK  can be earned through staking if you purchase now!

What are the benefits?

As a Pioneer, you will continuously earn rewards. 40% of the total supply of ISK,
our native token, will be distributed to Pioneer NFT holders along with other benefits.

  • Node Operation Rewards

    You can participate in node operation with Pioneer NFT and receive node operation rewards. Before Iskra Hub Chain is launched, you can stake Pioneer NFT and receive rewards without directly operating the node. After launch, Pioneer NFT staking will be terminated and you will receive rewards by operating the node server.

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  • Community Rewards

    Pioneer NFT has the exclusive right to operate nodes, and through node operation, you can get Contribution Points (CP). Pioneer NFT can earn a high CP of 60,000 CP per nft, thereby securing a higher tier in the community. The higher community tier, the more profits you can receive from all services in Iskra.

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  • Governance Staking Rewards

    Obtain additional rewards by staking ISK Tokens that are rewarded from staking Pioneer NFT. 20% of the total ISK tokens, which is 200 million, will be distributed to Explorers who have staked ISK tokens. ISK Staking acquires voting rights to participate in governance decisions as well.

  • Game Rewards

    Airdrop Boosts

    The higher your community tier, the higher chance you have of winning the airdrop of the game tokens.

    Launchpad Boosts

    Higher community tiers earn the right to purchase larger amount of tokens through Iskra launchpad during a game token sale.

How can I become a Pioneer?

Get started in 2 simple steps:

  1. 1. Buy a Pioneer NFT from our portal.
  2. 2. Stake the NFT purchased.

The clock is ticking down on our staking program! There're 40,000 Pioneer NFTs in total, with only 26,000 units left for sale.