How can I get ISK?

As a Governance Token of Iskra ecosystem, ISK Token can be acquired through Pioneer NFT, ISK Staking and more. ISKs can be traded or swapped on, Pangea Swap and Uniswap.

  • Pioneer NFT

    Become a Pioneer. Because 40% of the total supply of ISK will be distributed to Pioneer NFT holders, this is the surest way to get a hold of the largest number of the tokens. The sooner you become a Pioneer, the more ISK you will receive. Don't miss out on this opportunity.
    Become a Pioneer NOW!

  • ISK Staking

    200 million ISK tokens which is 20% of the total supply will be distributed through the governance staking.
    You will receive sISK (staked ISK) for staking the ISK tokens for the governance staking as a proof. 10 million ISKs will be distributed to sISK holders every year for 20 years from the time of the first rewarding. Contribution Points are also distributed to sISK holders, offering the right to participate in the Launchpad and to vote on a governance.

Iskra DEX or other Exchanges

Purchase ISK. It's the simplest way to get the tokens.
ISK is available at market prices on a number of exchanges where it will be listed and on Iskra DEX.


sISK is a token issued to the holder's wallet according to the exchange rate between ISK and sISK when staking ISK and is used as the voting power for the governance staking.
The more sISK you have, the more governance rights and ISK rewards you will get.


  • ISK Rewards Pool: 10 million ISKs will be distributed to sISK holders every year for 20 years from the first rewarding.
  • ISK Reward Distribution: The amount of reward per second is calculated according to the ratio of sISK held by an individual to the total sISK from the entire ISK reward per second. As the reward itself is also staked into the staking pool, you will enjoy compounding effect for the interest as well.
  • You will receive ISK according to the exchange rate between ISK and sISK at the time of unstaking the sISK.
  • When sISK is issued once ISK Staking is confirmed, 1 CP will be rewarded for every sISK you have.
  • The longer you stake, the more CPs you get reflecting your contribution.
  • Once you unstake, your sISK will be burned and CPs corresponding to the unstaked amount will be returned.
Staking Program

ISK, the native token of ISKRA

ISK, the native token of the Iskra platform, is the core asset in our ecosystem.

  • Key Currency

    As the key currency, ISK serves all purposes in the lskra platform. It can be exchanged with other assets in your Wallet and can be used as a form of payment for transaction fees and charges for a variety of other services.

  • Governance Token

    ISK is the governance token. It gives holders a right to propose and vote on initiatives that govern the Iskra platform.

  • Exclusive Currency for Pioneer NFT

    ISK is the exclusive payment method to purchase Pioneer NFTs. 20,000 units of Pioneer NFTs can be purchased only with ISK.