Iskra Governance

Iskra Governance is the decentralized governance system that Iskra DAO enjoys. Any community member who has sISK, a proof of participation in governance, can become an Iskra DAO and directly engage in the operation of the platform through Iskra Governance.

Why do we need ISKRA Governance?

Iskra is committed to becoming a decentralized gaming platform where the entire process of platform operation - establishing platform policies, revenue distribution rules and onboarding new game - is determined by the Iskra DAO.

Iskra Governance, as an operating system that supports this decentralized philosophy, offers services related to proposals, voting, and execution so that the valued opinions of Iskra DAO can be reflected to the platform operations.

For example, each member of the Iskra DAO may change/add to the Iskra platform's profit-sharing policy in a way that is favorable to the group which the members belong to. If you want to learn more how this is possible, click here.

How it works


Community members are empowered to participate in governance in two qualifications: Iskra DAO or Iskra KOL.

  • Iskra DAO: Any community members with sISK in their wallet.
  • Iskra KOL: Iskra DAO members who are staking more than a single P-NFT or has 60,000 sISK or more. Iskra KOLs can publicly assert their thoughts and preferences early in the voting process.


The Iskra Governance Process is executed in three phases: Propose, Vote and Execute. To learn more, click here.

Ready to vote? Check out how to:

Each Iskra Governance process takes place through Snapshot.
Snapshot is a popular service that verifies the qualification of the wallet holder based on information recorded on the blockchain and is adopted to ensure that each Iskra Governance process is done in transparent and fair manner. To find out more how to join Iskra Governance using Snapshot, click here.

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