Meet Our Team

Our team is composed of experts in blockchain platform development, game sourcing and global business experience.

    • Eugene Lee
    • CEO

    Eugene is the CEO of Iskra, who brings together and leads the top experts in each field to make Iskra a reality. (Former) Lead Technical Director, LINE Plus (Former) CEO, Unchain (Former) Director, ICON

    • Bob Kim
    • SVP

    Bob oversees Iskra’s gaming business, supporting the onboarding of high-quality and sustainable games to the Iskra platform. (Former) CEO, NHN China (Former) CEO, PATI Games (Former) CEO & Founder, dadasoft

    • Spike Ryu
    • COO

    Spike is responsible for Iskra’s platform business, platform service planning and general operations. (Former) Lead of Blockchain Financial Platform Biz, LINE Plus (Former) COO, KOG-LU USA Inc. (Former) Head of Wizet 2 Division, Nexon

    • Paul Kim
    • CTO

    Paul oversees all of our ongoing development, technical strategies, and systems operations. (Former) CEO, SeasonFive Corp (Former) Director, Alticast Corp.

    • Ben Colayco
    • Global Managing Director

    Ben leads Iskra’s international expansion, focusing on strategic partnerships and growing the global Iskra community. (Former) Founder/President of Level Up! Games (SEA, Latam, India, USA) (Former) CEO, KOG-LU USA Inc.

Meet Our Advisors

    • Jeong Hwan Shin

    (Former) VP, Kakao Talk Division, Kakao Corp. (Former) CTO, Kakao Corp.

    • John Jung

    (Former) VP, Future Business Initiative, Kakao Corp. (Former) CEO, Kakao Mobility

    • Sanghun Kim

    (Former) CEO, Naver Corp. (Former) General Counsel/ Executive Vice President, LG Corp.