The Iskra ecosystem is formed based on a unique economic structure that combines token economy and community system.

  • Token Economy

    Iskra Token Economy is a system that supports the sustainable growth of the ecosystem by supporting the value of the ISK Token with Pioneer NFT and iUSD (Stablecoin).

  • Community System

    The community system transparently and fairly provides rewards to all community participants who have contributed to the development of the ecosystem.


  • ISK Token is the governance token of the Iskra platform.
  • ISK Token holders can submit proposals for platform operation or participate in voting through Governance Staking.
  • The ISK Token economy and business model are designed with the goal of continuously creating value and utility for the ISK Token.
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  • Pioneer NFT grants the right to operate the nodes that maintains the blockchain mainnet of the Iskra platform.
  • Pioneer NFT creates the fundamental value of the Iskra ecosystem and is a powerful asset for securing the highest Contribution Points on the platform through community rewards.
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  • As a payment token, $iUSD is a crypto-collateralized stablecoin backed by other stablecoins, such as $USDT and $USDC.
  • Stable Swap allows users to acquire $iUSD using various payment options to enjoy all kinds of services and games on the platform.


  • Contribution points are given to participants who have contributed economically to the Iskra ecosystem based on the data recorded in the blockchain, and tiers are assigned according to the ranking.
  • Every 6 months, community rankings and ratings are calculated based on the previous 6 months' Contribution Points.
  • Any community member can increase their tier based on economic contributions and platform participation.
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