Where the future Comes to play

Iskra is a single-destination web3 game community platform for players and developers where they are rewarded based on their participation through a unique community system based on the blockchain.


Iskra offers the latest in Web3 casual and hyper casual games along with web3 services that are accessible on a single platform. Services include a non-custodial wallet, DEX, Market, governance staking/voting, Mission Card NFT System and Launch Pad.

Iskra’s unique community system allows the platform to reward both players and developers with up to 100% of platform fees based on their participation. Participants are awarded Contribution Points (CP) based on activities such as running a network node (Pioneer NFT), governance staking/voting, using the platform services or playing games. The higher your CP, the higher your rank, which leads to increased benefits and rewards.

Backed by some of the biggest technology and video game companies in South Korea, Iskra ranks at the top categories for gaming on Dapp Radar for unique active wallets and engagement.

Celebrate Community

We bring individuals and organizations together to celebrate each other’s wins with a shared stake in the platform’s success.

Open Doors

Iskra is a destination designed with seamless blockchain integration for everyone who loves gaming.

Champion Games

Gameplay matters to us. Regardless of why they play, or what type of game they play, our community can trust that a fun gaming experience will always lead the way.

Reward Play

We are the home of next-gen Web3 gaming and crypto rewards. We empower developers to leverage blockchain and champion players who lift the community to new heights.